Our vision is to prevent pipe bursts and thus ensure a reliable and sustainable water supply worldwide.


Our mission is to enhance efficiency in pipe networks, minimize leakage and reduce costs for repairments.

Our digital Solution

Supplier Pipeline


Smart Sensors




Our IoT & Digital Twin


Our Machine Learning


Our Predictive Maintenance Tool

Sooqua uses suppliers pipes and already existing sensors which send their data via LoRaWan/SigFox or directly by cable to the suppliers facilities. Using GIS-data we create a digital twin of the pipes network so that our algorithms understand the connections and positioning of sensors within the network.To analyze the data we use a self developed combination of different Machine-Learning Algorithms.

After analyzing the sensor data, we can localize leakages in an early stage and monitor them over time. We also show the networks status in realtime sothat you know the pipes condition at any time. Additionally we predict when and where a pipe is going to burst.

Areas of application

Water Supply

District Heating

Industrial Production

Gas Supply

Our Products

Our Advantages

No additional sensors:
Combining existing sensor data from different manufacturers and different types of sensors

20-40% higher precision through our additional algorithms, machine learning and voting mechanism

Real time decisions:
Real time monitoring of your networks status & Predictive Maintenance with alarms for pipe bursts

No hydraulic model:
High scalability combining a digital twin with Machine-Learning Algorithms instead of a time intensive hydraulic model

Customer Benefits

Reducing costs:
Less money spent on sensor installation &
repair measures as well as less water losses

Repair measures become predictable, which allows an optimization of limited resource

Our solution ensures a reliable supply & Sustainable use of the limited resource water

Customers can position themselves as digital leaders

Awards and Supporters

Our Team

Christopher DörnerValerie FehstTri-Duc Nghiem
  • MSc Industrial Engineering at TU Darmstadt
  • Entrepreneurship &
    Predictive Maintenance
  • Business Development
    in a Software-StartUp
  • MSc Physics
    at TU Darmstadt
  • Network theory &
    Sensor know-how
  • Data-Scientist
    in an IoT-StartUp
  • MSc Natural Language Processing at Uni Trento
  • Machine Learning,
    Backend & Frontend
  • 7 years of
    Software Engineering
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Sooqua is a SaaS-Solution for Water Utilities and private Companies that analyzes Sensor Data with Machine-Learning Algorithms and thus shows the Networks Realtime Status and helps to minimize Leakage and prevent Pipe Bursts.

Let‘s make water supply reliable and sustainable together.

Mail: info@sooqua.com
Phone: +49 159 0135 7614